Teach Your Child How to Swim (2 to 4 yrs)

Ages: 2 to 4
Enrollment validity: Lifetime

About Course

This course is designed to give you the tools to help teach your 2-4 year old a number of key water skills including water safety, water confidence and movement. The course includes easy to follow, step by step progressions and handy print off lesson plans to help guide you. Don't worry if your child does not complete a skill, every child learns at their own pace and lessons or skills can be repeated.

What Will You Learn?

  • What your child needs to wear
  • Best equipment to use
  • How to enter and exit the pool safely
  • Swimming front and back
  • Floating
  • Balance
  • Pool safety
  • Rotation
  • Movement
  • Water confidence
  • Breath control

Course Content

Lesson 1
Teach your child how to enter and exit the pool safely along with some water confidence activities and pool safety.

Lesson 2

Lesson 3

Lesson 4

Lesson 5

Lesson 6

Lesson 7

Lesson 8

Lesson 9

Lesson 10

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Your New Online Swimming Teacher

Hello, my name is Lynsey and I am the creator and owner of The Online Swim School.

I am a qualified level 3 swimming teacher (UK) with a specialist Water Babies teaching qualification and have over 11 years’ experience teaching swimming and managing programmes in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, London and other locations across the UK.

Over the last 7 years I have specialised in teaching under 5’s, developing my own style of teaching. Combining my knowledge and experience, I have now created an online platform that is accessible to everyone and enables parent and carers to teach their children how to swim, in their own time and in a cost-effective way.

Our Previous Swimmers

Wow what can I say! I highly recommend Lynsey and her professional yet fun approach to swimming.

My son started swimming with Lynsey when he was just under 1 years old, after only 2 sessions he's now confident enough to go underwater and hold onto the wall by himself.

I can't thank her enough for the confidence and techniques she has given my son to allow him to improve.
We highly recommend The Online Swim School. We have loved the fact that you can do the lessons whenever and wherever you want and don't need to worry about missing lessons.

My older daughter and partner have been able to come and join in which has been great too. I was quite nervous about taking my baby swimming on my own but there's so much information from what to take with you to how to perform the skills and Lynsey is so knowledgeable, that I felt at ease straight away.

After watching the videos online for each lesson I felt confident to carry out the lesson with my baby.
I can’t recommend The Online Swim School highly enough. I have been following the 0-6 month course and my little boy absolutely loves it.

We have followed each lesson week by week and I can say it’s amazing. Easy to follow and well structured lessons make teaching your baby a doddle and all in your own time and environment. 

I love the flexibility The Online Swim School provides having a busy life makes a class which is the same time every week really hard so this was absolutely perfect for us. Thank You so much 😊
I highly recommend this course! I’ve known Lynsey for many years. She is a brilliant and well experienced swimming teacher and knows how to make you feel comfortable in the water.

This course covers all the necessary info you will need to start your swimming journey with your little one.

From how to enter safely in the pool to how to to submerge your baby and have fun in the water together.

Any Questions?

[email protected]
Yes of course you can. If you feel uneasy in the water take someone with you for support. You will find that over time your confidence will grow too.
Yes, you can. You may just need to adjust some of the swimming positions so that they are on more of an incline as opposed to a horizontal position. This will make it more comfortable for your baby.
Not necessarily, the swimming pool is a totally different environment. You may be pleasantly surprised.
The chlorinated water will not make your babies eczema worse. I would however recommend putting on a barrier cream and a wetsuit so they don’t feel slippery in the water. Be sure to shower baby after the session.
I would recommend not feeding baby a full feed up to an hour before the session. You are more than welcome to give baby a top up feed if they are a little hungry before the lesson begins, as swimming is hungry work!
If baby is ok in themselves then I would say yes. You may want to avoid underwater swims if baby is bunged up, perhaps just keep them on the surface. They will be back under the water in no time.
Baby should wear a disposable swimming nappy with a neoprene nappy (also called a happy nappy) over the top. Ensure a snug fit around the tummy and thighs so that no accidents escape into the pool. We would recommend Huggies Little Swimmers or happy nappies by Splash About ( as featured in our videos).
Between 30 °C and 32 °C is an ideal temperature. If your baby is less than 12lb then we recommend the water to be at least 32 °C or add a neoprene wetsuit to increase your baby's body temperature.
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